Is That a Land Tamer, Mr. President?


Last Friday President Obama travelled north to Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute has more than 500 technical experts building the next generation of robots.

President Obama visited to discuss advanced manufacturing and it’s potential to fuel job growth.  According to an AP report about the event, he also joked that “one of my responsibilities as commander-in-chief is to keep an eye on robots.”  Good call, Mr. President.

One of the robots sitting quietly behind the President during his address came from a MEP client I recently visited for our “Heroes of American Manufacturing” Series.  This 6-wheeled robot you see on the right is from a company in Townsend, Montana – PFM Manufacturing.  Carnegie Mellon’s National Robotics Lab is a fan of PFM’s prize product, The Land Tamer, for testing various robotics on this Amphibious Remote Access Vehicle. Due to the mobility, durability… and overall super-coolness of the Land Tamer… the experts at Carnegie Mellon are discovering new ways to bring robots to life, especially to support our troops abroad.  Watch the vehicle in action on a Discovery Channel’s Future Weapons series.

In my humble opinion, I think they couldn’t pick a better backdrop for the President than the “Made in the USA” Land Tamer.   This is a robot I think we all should keep our eye on.

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