Manufacturers: This is Your Day


In the spirit of less talk, more results, Manufacturing Day has been launched and is being championed by dozens of organizations.  It will be celebrated on October 5th with plant tours and open houses at as many manufacturers as possible across the country.

Why do we need a national day dedicated to manufacturing?  Studies by the nonprofit Manufacturing Institute and others show that almost 80% of Americans believe manufacturing is important to our economic prosperity, standard of living and national security. Yet only 30% would encourage their children to go into manufacturing as a career.  And, according to Ed Youdell, president and CEO of the Fabricators and Manufacturing Association (FMA), “October 5th is dedicated to celebrating the great work and innovation of the 12 million men and women who make the United States the world’s largest manufacturing economy.”

Now is our chance to do something collectively to make a difference for this industry.  High schools, colleges, local chambers of commerce, unions, trade associations, government entities, and manufacturers can work together to propel U.S. manufacturing to the next level.  Through individual open houses and plant tours that will take place in cities and towns across the nation, we can show the public what manufacturing really looks like.   We can do something to teach young people about interesting, challenging, well-paying jobs they could train for in manufacturing.   We can help provide a stream of good, qualified workers our manufacturers so desperately need and help keep more things “Made in America.”  We can do something to rally together in support of what has been, and what can always be, the driver of economic vitality and strength in the U.S.  Be a part of this effort and sign up by Labor Day to host an open house/plant tour for Manufacturing Day and tell your manufacturing contacts about this great opportunity too.

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  1. Count us in! We are proud to promote the activities and importance of the 400+ manufacturers in our our 7 county region of northern New York Stated who are help provide the products our world needs — now and in the future. We are partnering with our regional STEM, WIBs, IDAs and more to shine the spotlight on the opportunities and importance of manufacturing. I look forward to seeing lots more folks flying the flag to promote America’s manufacturers!

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