Success Story: CoreValue Assessment Sets Arkansas Company Off On Transformational Journey


Successful entrepreneurs Robert and Becky Foster founded the Intimidator Group with the all-American, hardworking values that made their previous companies successful. Based in Batesville, Arkansas, the Intimidator Group consists of five companies: Intimidator UTVs, Spartan Mowers, Bad Dawg Accessories, and Gourmet Guru Grills. Intimidator, Inc. has 40 employees.

Intimidator, Inc. is a young and growing company. Demand for their Intimidator UTVs (utility terrain vehicles) and Spartan mowers has been high since the launch of these products due to their good looks, power, performance, and affordability. As a new start-up, the business lacked many of the management systems that exist in longer, tenured organizations. The leadership team faced the challenge of addressing the daily demands of running the business while still finding the time and expertise to develop the needed systems to drive the business forward.

“The help provided by AEDC-MS came at a critical time in our company’s development. Their influence has been significant and continues even today as we are dealing with extraordinary growth. We are grateful that they were there to help us.”
—Becky Foster, Principal

Rusty Branscum, Chief Financial Officer, reached out to the local community college to see what manufacturing consultative services were available to help evaluate opportunities to improve the business. The college recommended the Arkansas Economic Development Commission Manufacturing Solutions (AEDC-MS), a NIST MEP affiliate that serves manufacturers throughout the state of Arkansas.

First, Intimidator, Inc. invited AEDC-MS to conduct a CoreValue assessment for the company, highlighting red flags and value gaps. AEDC-MS went on to help Intimidator update their employee handbook, create a three-year strategic plan, and develop an organizational staffing structure to support the desired future state of the business. Experts from AEDC-MS worked with Intimidator, Inc. to optimize the company’s supply chain, conduct workshops to build teams, and map business processes.  AEDC-MS has recently helped Intimidator, Inc. launch their Lean Manufacturing journey. Intimidator, Inc. now has an organizational structure in place to meet current demands and future growth goals. The company is retaining jobs and continuing to increase sales.


  • 25% of workforce trained in Lean Manufacturing
  • Added/retained 100 jobs
  • Improved sales by 200%
  • Improved organizational structure

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