Top Five MEP Resolutions for 2016


As we renew and affirm our commitment to providing the highest level of support for U.S. manufacturers, our Top Five MEP Resolutions for 2016 are to:

  1. Better understand supply chain needs by providing manufacturers the services and technologies, like cybersecurity, necessary for them to be competitive;
  2. Introduce manufacturers to the information, technology and services available within our parent agency, the preeminent National Institute of Standards and Technology;
  3. Find new ways to connect manufacturers with the incredible resources of the National Network of Manufacturing Institutes across the country;
  4. Help educate manufacturers about innovative new technologies that will support current and future growth opportunities;
  5. And most importantly, help business owners of manufacturing firms attract qualified and engaged people to help fill good paying manufacturing jobs during our best ever MFG Day in 2016!

The Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership national network of technical assistance providers are enabling the next great revolution in manufacturing by proudly supporting manufacturers across the United States of America.

Happy New Year!

Carroll Thomas
Director, MEP

About Author

Carroll Thomas

Carroll Thomas is the Director of the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership. In her role as Director, she is responsible for a national network of centers to help U.S. manufacturers compete globally, supporting greater supply chain integration and providing access to technology.


  1. Carroll Thomas
    NIST MEP Director

    Thank You.
    I am very concerned about our nation’s path in a relative economic sense.
    I know that NIST has played a vital role in its path and hope that it can continue to do so in the future.
    I would like to know from your perspective what changes to our nations’ policies would be most helpful to increase the probability of our nation’s future success.
    I have been thinking about this from a data side.
    I assume you have the data.
    I look forward to your response.
    Thank You,

    Edward M. Cupoli, PhD
    518 779 6234

  2. Thank you Carroll Thomas, I look forward to more innovating challenges to manufacturers and digital tech providers who may help to change the way we do business. And hopefully generate opportunities and inspire markets that may lead to or create gainful employment in America. Beautiful project for 2016

    Best Wishes,

  3. This is a very interesting initiative. Hopefully it goes to the goal
    Happy New Year everyone!

    Samuel B J Ndiaye

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