INFOGRAPHIC: Making it in America


We’ve just released the newest workforce infographic “Making it in America.” An information packed poster of the opportunities and pathways of the many faces of manufacturing careers.

Making it in America

About Author

Mary Ann Pacelli

Mary Ann Pacelli is NIST MEP’S Workforce Development Manager. Her work includes advocating for manufacturing workforce priorities with related federal agencies and providing technical support to the network of MEP centers across the country for workforce related activities. Previously she was Assistant Director for Workforce and Talent Development at MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network), an Ohio MEP affiliate center.


  1. Nice infographic. Would also be interesting to see how the workforce is divided between all manufacturing industries. How many of those 12,4 million people are employed in food and beverage industries, how many are in plastics, etc.

  2. It’s amazing to see that 57% engineers and scientists are employed by manufacturing sector and not by the software, construction and healthcare industries. Nice info-graphic.

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